Looking for Job in Prague Through a Labour Office

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Looking for Job in Prague Through a Labour Office

Looking for job in Prague through a labour office gives to a foreigner a lot of advantages. Offices of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of the Czech Republic can be found in all 77 districts of the Czech Republic. Labor offices provide a great list of available jobs in Prague as in the entire country and they also help you with your job application. Their services are free of charge. 

If you have permanent residency in Prague  you may register with the job seekers registry. What are the privilegies of the registered job seekers? In this case, you will be not only receiving job offers, but also will have a state-financed health insurance and the social security contributions. They will offer you a job in Prague depending on your qualifications,  previous experiences and your health status.

If you wish only to to obtain information on employment opportunities and job vacancies in Prague, you can visit any labour office.

What do you need to register at a labour office?

You can submit an application for placement in a new job in Prague to the labour office according to your permanent residence. You need to bring your identity card and "employment card" from your previous employer. After being registered as a job seeker you need to visit your health insurance company. The labor office should confirm that the state will pay your health insurance for the period you are registered as unemployed.

Individual action plan for job searching in Prague 

A labour office can offer to you an individual action plan, which is designed to increase your employment chances in Prague. This plan is offered to job seekers below the age of 25 and university graduates and is based on your qualifications, capabilities and skills. What does the action plan represent? It includes the description of a process and schedule for the performance of measures for improving your chances to find a job in Prague. You are obliged to assist the labour office in developing the individual action plan and to fulfil the obligations indicated in it.

What’s it like to work in Prague?

The working week in Prague like elsewhere in the Czech Republic is 40 hours per week. Large companies according to collective agreements can amend specific working conditions such as the working hours, payment for overtime work and pension contributions.

You as an employee has a right to 33 days annual leave including public holidays. Longer holidays can be agreed by collective agreements as a rule in multinational companies.

Will you be satisfied with your job in Prague? According to a recent survey, holded by the EU agency, 4 out of 5 Czech workers are generally satisfied with their working conditions.

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